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You need a website for your business but you don't want to hire someone right now to build it for you – I get it! That's why I created this easy to follow course – it's almost as if I was sitting right next to you guiding you through the process. 

I am literally walking you through every step I take in building websites on WordPress so that you can save money without sacrificing your website and frankly your online reputation. Basically, I don't want you to have to reinvent the wheel later, let's start you off on the right foot now.   

Why you should buy this course:

  • You can DIY your website in about an hour vs waiting months for it to be done
  • The tech is made easy so anyone can understand it as long as they follow the steps
  • WordPress is the #1 platform for building a website for your business so it can grow with you 
  • Save time & money so you can focus on other areas of your business like branding, design, sales, and marketing

So stop wasting countless hours researching, asking others, waiting for replies, and watching a ton of videos and get your website built today! 

Benefits of purchasing this course:

  • You get everything at your fingertips
  • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions. No guessing involved, just straightforward “do this”
  • Walk away with an easy to navigate, mobile friendly WordPress website you can actually update yourself
  • You will have a few essential plugins (apps) to get you started
  • You are paired with the best support around (the companies I recommend provide the best support options especially for the non-techies)

Costs involved:

  • The one-time fee for this course
  • A couple hours of your time to get started
  • Additional required website costs (I walk you through these in the course):
    • Purchasing the domain name ($5-20 average price going for $12.99)
    • Purchasing the Web hosting (starting at $4 a month so $48/yr)
    • Purchasing the WordPress Theme ($89/yr)

For less than $400 you can create your own website on WordPress today – not tomorrow, not in a few months, today!


Buy this course today and have your website built by tomorrow!

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   I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy   DISCLAIMER: This course does contain affiliate links, which means I may earn some money if you click on one. I do not add these links just to make money – I only share what I use and love. Also, this course is a total DIY option. I do walk you through idea to building stages – showing you exactly where to get everything from domain name to web hosting to installing WordPress and more. If you would rather hire someone I do offer various packages which can be found here. Refunds not permitted. Due to the intellectual nature of this product, all sales are final, and refunds will not be permitted. If you are not fully satisfied let's talk to figure out what the best possible solution is – I want you to be successful!

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